Let Me Help You Find Your Missing Or Lost Pet

Time Is Of The Essence...

If your pet is LOST contact me as soon as possible.

I"ll need the pets name, a photo and the last date & time you last saw your pet. 

Please add this information into the contact form below. 

I know this is an emotional time and I will do my best to connect with your pet and contact you regarding the circumstances and whereabouts of your pet.

I connect telepathically with your pet by sending her or him a message to stay calm, stay where they are and don't wonder any farther.  I also relay a message that YOU the owner is searching for them.

Simultaneously, I'm in contact with YOU the owner gathering information as to where you last saw your pet, calming you and directing you to send calm and loving messages to your pet. 

Be it a dog, a cat, a horse, a bird or reptile, we work together in a calm loving manner to bring your baby home. 

I have performed this service locally, out of state and in other countries.  My track record has been amazingly accurate.  Though I can't guarantee results I work diligently to reunite You with your pet. We stay in contact via e-mail and/or phone while in connection missing pet.

My service is $175.00 and covers a 72 hour period and is non-refundable.  If your pet is not found within the 72 hours there is an additional charge of $175.00.

Joycce Brodsky


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