Joycce Brodsky


 "Joycce is a gifted magical teacher, healer, counselor. She has helped me to focus on positive, proactive strategies to deal with stress and change my life. I have never met anyone else like her in terms of compassion, insightfulness and caring.  She reads me! And my family members and pets. I don't have the words to express the value she has brought to my life.
Work with her! She is a gift."

                          Barbara D.K., Minnesota

     "My experience for the past 5 years with Ms. Brodsky has been a journey of complete and utter accuracy. Astounding accuracy comes from this extremely gifted powerhouse. This woman is the real deal, her messages are completely unedited and precise.  While in a conversation with 
Joycce a question can be answered without you even stating it! To me, that is a sign of a truly gifted psychic. You gotta Love this Powerhouse for the gifts she has to communicate with animals and people on a higher level. 

                          Susie M., California

Joycce is amazing! Don't know how she does what she
does but her psychic ability is real. Our dog, Mia, 
disappeared one morning.  Fearing the worst, we 
went searching withno luck.  Joycce connected with her 
from Florida!  We live in Pennsylvania. She told us exactly where Mia was! So grateful to her.

                           Carin S.,  Pennsylvania

Joycce is one of the most competent and honest people in
her industry.  Not only do I trust her with my animals, 
but I trust her to heal ME."

                           Arnold S., CPA

Never having met 
Joycce, when she contacted me via Facebook about our missing dog last winter, I was skeptical. But our older, deaf and partially blind girl had wandered off property and was missing for 2 days.  We were getting frantic. We began to lose hope. And then a message from this wonderful, gifted animal messenger omes.  Joycce suggested to look in a neighbor's back yard, under the red birdhouse. How specific can you get?

The very next morning my mom and I headed back out looking for a red birdhouse. And there she was!  Surprised and overjoyed we scooped up our Molly and took her home.  
Joycce knew that we will never know.  Or care. 
Joycce is the real deal. 

                   Jeanie and Antoinette, Jupiter, Florida

"I have found 
Joycce to be accurate and comforting.  She delivers the messages from loved ones in a caring and supportive manner and, although I don't have any pets, I recommend her to all my friends who do!"

                   Michele S., California

"After having been involved in frantically searching for a rescue dog that escaped on transport and subsequently went missing for ten days, I confided in Joycee and was immediately filled with hope.  Joycee's unique ability to channel the dog telepathically, was amazing and it helped us to remain calm and to continue searching, having the faith restored that she would be found safe and within a certain demographic.  Ten days later, she was located and is now safe! I am a believer!"

                  Candice B., Davie, Florida